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Feb. 14th, 2013


Feb. 14th, 2013 11:38 pm
cathyn: (Johnny!)
Valentines day started like most others. Kissed my wife and made her brekkies in bed. Packed her lunch and sent her off to work. Looked for a job for a couple hours, and fielded a few calls from recruiters, at least one of which sounds promising (wish me luck). At 10AM, I dumped 1.5 cups mixed dried cherries an cranberries in a pan and boiled them in sweet white wine, and let them cool. At 10:30, I roasted two heads of garlic for 30 minutes. Folded laundry, ran the dishwasher, and looked for more jobs. Oh, yeah, FUCK FARMERS INSURANCE*. At about 3PM, I made couscous with cranberry juice, and added the wine-rehydrated cranberries and cherries. Meanwhile, I sauteed half an onion and a whole shallot in a thimbleful of olive oil. I mixed the couscous into the onion mixture, and painstakingly extracted the roasted cloves of garlic from the heads, and added them to the proto-stuffing, which had been cooling on the stove. I then cut two strips of bacon into .5" slices and dumped them raw into the stuffing. I then realized when I was packing the ducks, geese, and cranes I'd shot last fall, that I failed a bit on the sorting, and had put two crane breasts in with four goose breasts. I pocketed them all anyway, laid a fresh sage leaf on each one, wrapped a strip of bacon around each breast, laid them in a pan, poured on a little red wine, covered with foil, and popped the pan in a 325 degree oven.

When the lovely wife texted me to say she was on her way home from work, I started on the veggies. Sauteed a single coarsely chopped leek in another thimbleful of olive oil, heavily salted this, and added pignoli. When the leeks were a little soft, I added two chopped broccoli crowns, and a bit of the same white wine I'd used with the dried berries, covered the pan, and let the broccoli steam in the wine. When the boiling sound became a frying sound, I tossed everything to get the leeks intermingled with the broccoli.

By now, the crane had been braising for about 90 minutes, the broccoli was ready, and the wife came home. I served dinner, to the roaring adulation of the crowd. Well, crowd being me, her, and the much-yowling Mr. Cody Cat, who was appalled by the lack of crane breast he noticed in his bowl while we were so obviously enjoying food meant for kitties.

After dinner, I baked cookies, and we settled in on the couch and watched one of the most romantic Valentines day movies of all time, Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's how we roll....

* About Farmers. I updated my resume and contact information on CareerBuilder two days ago, and noticed that I had never made my information searchable, so I changed that. For less than one day. Within hours of making my profile searchable, I started getting emails suggesting that a job that perfectly matching my qualifications was available, and that I should send my resume immediately if I wanted to be considered for a position in the fabulous and exciting world of Insurance Sales. After the first two emails, I went to my profile on CareerBuilder, and made it unsearchable again. Since that time, I have received, on average, one email of this nature per hour from Farmers, and they've started robo-calling my cellphone. Very creepy-stalkery, too. Can't find any information about the phone number online, so I call back (the first time) to see who called me, because, after all, it could be someone looking to hire me. The robot picks up and says "Hello Cathyn, Farmers Recruiting Center has recorded this message especially for you..." Motherfuckers. Thanks, Farmers, for making an entire career website useless to me, by abusing the features that might let employers actually looking for a Project Manager, so I turn them off entirely. Goddamned assbags.

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