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Apr. 21st, 2016

cathyn: (Johnny!)
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After that it was off to the fruit stand for some healthy snackage, and then on to our lodging. When looking for a place to stay for this adventure, several ideas were tossed about, and somehow the subject of "glamping" came up. A little bit of Facebook #1 stock in trade, advice, netted us a recommendation that we check out Safari West, which we did. Yet another delight, Safari West offers big tents, on wooden platforms, with indoor plumbing, NO PHONES and NO TVs in the rooms. Talk about a perfect venue for a getaway! Also, cell signal out there is virtually non-existent, unless you have AT&T, so, really, completely, detached from the outside world. So peaceful. We tucked into bed about 7PM, ate much of our delicious picnic, and then read books until we fell asleep. It was utterly delightful!

In the morning we woke up, had a tolerable breakfast with very mediocre coffee, and then WENT ON SAFARI! We hopped aboard these huge jeep things, built on what used to be late 40s Dodge Power Wagons:


Our hilarious tour guide drove us around for about three hours, where we say a couple dozed species of African antelopes, giruunes, rhinos, ostriches, and a ton of other animals. We had a great time riding around, cracking jokes, and learning all sorts of stuff about both our venue, and the animals we were viewing. After returning to the main area, the last hour of the tour commenced, where our guide walked us around the bird and smaller animal exhibit. I've got two words for you to sum up how cool it was "FENNEC FOXES!!" Cutest little guys in EVER!!


After the hours of animal viewing excitement, we took the long slow ride home, filled with glee at how our weekend had gone, and looking forward to skritching our cute little kitties. I well and truly have the best wife ever, considerate, smart, gorgeous, tough as nails and funnier than you'll ever know!

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