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Jul. 18th, 2016

cathyn: (Johnny!)
I think you all know who I am voting for in 2016. Bernie was my guy, and still is, and the odds he'll be the nominee are kinda astronomical against. However, many of the things he supports have been adopted by the DNC Platform Committee. A vote for the Democratic Candidate, whoever they are (Hey, a Bernie guy's gotta dream, right!) is a vote for many of the things that earned him my support in the first place.

A vote for Trump is a vote for hate, a vote for racism, a vote for sexism, and a vote for a return to an imaginary time where white men were the only thing that mattered. Fuck that!

I'm not voting for Hillary. I am voting for 3-5 Supreme Court Justices that will ensure that progressive policies continue forward, that the progress we have made towards equality for all humans is not erased, that our environment is not first sold to individual billionaires, and then raped by them for their personal profit.

Who's getting my vote in 2016? Not Hillary, but all Americans. The happily married same-sex couples across the country who have earned the same rights and privileges as the rest of us. The poor, and even the average wage earners, the rapidly vanishing middle class, who could really use for Corporations to pay their fucking taxes instead of stashing all their wealth in off-shore accounts. The people who identify as a different gender than what's on their birth certificates who'd just like to take a fucking piss in peace and privacy without being threatened with arrest of murder. The students nation-wide who are drowning in student loan debt and held hostage for the rest of their lives by the corporations who hold those loans. The big green Lady in New York, who beckons to the tired huddled masses in other countries, who used to come here and infuse their desire for better lives into the American bloodline, and make us a unified nation of mongrels who could not be stopped by any force on Earth, not the Kaiser, not the Nazis, NOBODY. I am not 100% certain exactly when we went from being the bravest nation on Earth to being the most frightened, but this change is not a good thing, because, as Yoda says, "Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." Once upon a time we were better than this. No longer.

We were a great nation because we never let the hate that always existed dominate the social fabric of our country. Surely, every new wave of immigrants faced the wary eyes of the previous wave that had arrived, struggled and eventually prospered. Surely hatred for those of a different skin color, religion, and nation of origin always existed, and still does, but it seems to me that that hatred always had voices screaming against it, and people standing with the oppressed, and we still do. We've always had these things in this country. What we haven't had so prominently in this country is such vehicles for spreading the hatred, such an echo chamber that allows those who hate to find like-minded others to reinforce that those hatreds are valid and good. We haven't had such support for a political candidate who espoused such hatred rise so very high that we might well see such bile in the Oval Office. We may have had some who harbored such thoughts, but I don't think we've ever had someone who gave every dark thought a voice, and somehow, completely failed to be castigated for that hatred.

We are in an immensely difficult place in our history/future. It is so easy to manufacture hatred and lies. It is so easy to manipulate large numbers of people, so easy to spend money to manufacture that manipulation (Operation Swiftboat!). We've got to get money out of politics, and stop selling our nation and its political system to the highest bidders. We've got to stop thinking us and them, and start thinking us and us. Religion cannot be allowed to govern us, because it's just too bloody hard to answer "Which one?", and so, as a mixed nation of immigrants, "none of the above" is the only possible answer. Money cannot be allowed to govern us, because so very very few of us (.01%, really) have the kind of money that can effectively buy national influence, and that kind of money only buys the kind of influence that benefits only those who are spending the money. Hatred cannot be allowed to govern us, because we have so very much amazing ability to bring mayhem and bloodshed upon our fellowman, and while these terrors are too gruesome to even contemplate delivering upon our enemies, we should trebley avoid visiting them upon our own neighbors.

I am not voting for Hillary. I am voting for love, and all its delightful glory. I am voting against hatred and all its brutal power. I will be pulling the Blue lever, but I am voting for ideas, not people. That idea that Love is more worthy than Hate, that is what I am voting FOR!

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